Dayna Scodras at Afterglow 2013.

(Quote:—-Afterglow is an official Burning Man Regional Decompression Event organized in part by the Greater Vancouver Interactive Arts Society (GVIAS) and the Vancouver Burner community)

So now you know. Wonder if I could get some mileage out of a Royston Vasey Interactive Arts Society.?? Worth a try.

Who she is Cosplaying I do not know. Never seen that outfit before or the giant lollipop but I am sure one of you will enlighten me. Thanks.



I recently discovered that there are a number of Cosplay Conventions in London. They do not seem to get featured on the Web, all I see are US ones. 

Quote from one fortunate visitor:—

"Naturally, I took the opportunity to meet both Yaya and Riddle. Over the weekend Yaya cosplayed as Chun-Li  on Saturday and Baroness on Sunday. Riddle was Silk Septre Saturday and her iconic (my personal favourite) female Rocketeer on Sunday."