Rather different from the ‘City to City Racer’ Firetruck Conversions that I lust after but who could not love Big Bertha with her elegant streamline tail.

Quote:- “Normally pulling all 9,600 pounds of Big Bertha down the road would be a formidable challenge, however this truck was built to haul an 85-ft. aerial ladder and is equipped accordingly. Under the hood is a 980 cubic inch V-12 Seagraves engine. Powerful and rugged, these power plants were designed to run continuously at fire scenes for as long as necessary. For reliability the engine has redundant ignition systems with two plugs per cylinder, two distributors, four coils and the pan holds 25 quarts of oil. Behind the brawny mill is the original Eaton four-speed. Lovingly referred to as a crash-box, these transmissions lacked synchronizers, which means the lost art of double clutching is employed to change gears. Supporting Big Bertha are steel split rims up front with 9.00-20 tires and tubeless aluminum wheels in back with 365/70R 22.5 rubber. Bringing it all to a halt are air brakes, which like the steering, work off the engine’s original compressor.”

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