Arthur Blenkinsop, proprietor of  The Miry Lane Filling Station,  told our  reporter that his takings had quadrupled since Abigale Oglethorpe started working as pump attendant. Queues had built up right down Miry Lane and some drivers were just buying a couple of litres then rejoining the queue to be served again. The two local self service petrol stations reported very few customers.  As Arthur said “Who wants to do it yourself when Abigail will do it for you”



To cope with the demand for VaseyCoin MasterLi has had to build a special VaseyCoin Mining Rig to keep up with the demand. Whatever it provides in the way of coin it certainly keeps his house nice and warm.

Incidently Pat O’Flanneler at the Mason’s Arms not only refuses to take VaseyCoin but never takes paper money. If it don’t jingle it don’t go in the till he says.