Yesterday, on our ‘lads day out’ I introduced Cap’n Cloggy to the delights of Woodside truck stop. The plate of egg-n-chips beet him. It was many years since I’d been there in anger, as it were, and so I did a bit of random Googling.

photo Woodside_zpscb085cde.jpgIn all it’s glory.

photo Marathon_zpsdd2fa750.jpgAs far as I can recall the last time I was there I was in this very unit with a 40’ tandem; full load into Grimsby (Norcargo) then back load timber from Gunness Wharf

photo Gunness_zpsf794b902.jpg

or Fisons from Swinefleet.

photo Swinefleet_zpsde1af549.jpg

CLOGGY:- A grand day out Grommit