Master Li and I discovered that The Elsecar Heritage Railway do steam hauled Cream Teas on Wednesdays during the month of August. This naturally appealed to two gentlemen of taste and discernment like Li and myself, so yesterday we went over the border into South Yorkshire to partake of this delight. The trip, and cream tea, were excellent, they even trundled to and fro for a while to make up for the shortness of the line and to give passengers time for a second cup of tea.

Two other things played a part in the decision to make the trip. First was that we wanted to see in the flesh the legendary ‘Mardy Monster’, the most powerful Industrial loco ever to work in Britain. Secondly we wanted to see the Newcomon Engine, the only one still on it’s original site anywhere in the world. Been there since 1795 and ran until 1923. Puts todays throw away culture to shame, especially with all that guff about saving the planet.

Top pic ‘Mardy Monster’

Lower pic. Master Li admires Newcomen Engine.

Mardy Monster HERE 

Newcomen Engine HERE

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