Quote”What could be better than a 9 cylinder radial engine? Why, a home built 9 cylinder radial, of course! Russell Sutton continues to work on his engine projects, (yes, I said projects, because he’s already beginning his next engine) and we just received the latest updates on the radial build many of you have been following which began many years ago using 9 cylinders and heads from the Honda XR600 single.

In the last video of this project, Russell said he was setting this radial up as a running display and, to that end, it’s been mounted on a permanent stand with a fuel tank, an oil tank and cooler and all of the associated plumbing. The next step will be to engineer a full engine management system and for that, he’s purchased a Megasquirt ECU and added extra processors to control spark and sequential fuel injection.”

Master Li and I raise our flat caps in due respect to this bloke who builds his own 9 cyl radial out of 9 Single Cyl  Motorbike cylinders. Amazing.