Quote:-   “The Soukup’s collection of Sandwich engines came about by accident, after Ed bought a 1-1/2 HP Cub Sandwich at an Isanti, Minn., auction in 1978, and he and his father restored it.

Ed bought his favorite Sandwich engine, a 1916 6 HP, in 1982 at a huge Rice Lake, Wis., auction featuring more than a hundred engines, including many large ones.

Seeing the 6 HP Sandwich engine amongst all those monsters made it look smaller. “When we saw it, I decided I was going to buy it,” Ed says. “I thought we would winch it up on planks onto the bed of our half-ton pickup.”

Not so fast. When they began winching, instead of the engine moving the pickup moved backward. So they had to wait until after dark when the auction tractor finally got to them. It lifted the 2,000-pound machine, including the base, with difficulty and lowered it into the truck bed.

“The back of the truck went down, down, down,” Ed says. “On the way home, the headlights shone up in the trees, and the front end steered funny. When Dad saw it, he said, ‘That’s a pretty big load for that pickup.”